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Traulsen G12010 Solid Door Reach In Freezer - Right Hinged Door
Traulsen G12010 Solid Door Reach In Freezer - Right Hinged Door

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Traulsen G12010 Solid Door Reach In Freezer - Right Hinged Door

Traulsen & Co., Inc.**Nafed**
Model: G12010   Our Item#: 70815

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 This is an Energy Star Qualified commercial freezer unit. The Traulsen G12010 is UL and NSF listed. This single-door freezer utilizes microprocessor controls and 2" of foamed in place insulation to provide outstanding temperature preservation and performance. 

Standard Product Features
High Quality Stainless Steel Exterior Front and Door(s)
Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aluminum One-Piece Sides
Durable Anodized Aluminum Interior
Microprocessor Control With LED Temperature Readout
Top-Mounted, Balanced, Self-Contained Refrigeration System
Minus 10 Degree F Capable
Large High Humidity Evaporator Coil Outside The Food Zone
Load-Sure Guard Protects Against Improper Loading
Full or Half Length Stainless Steel Doors With Locks
Self-Closing Doors With Stay Open Feature At 120 Degrees
Guaranteed For Life Cam-Lift Hinges
Guaranteed For Life Horizontal Work Flow Door Handle(s)
Automatically Activated Incandescent Lights
Damage Resistant Stainless Steel Breaker Caps
Three (3) Adjustable Epoxy Coated Shelves Per Section,
Supported On Shelf Pins (installed at the factory)
Energy Saving Automatic Non-Electric Condensate Evaporator
Magnetic Snap-In Door Gaskets
Gasket Protecting Anodized Aluminum Door Liner
Anti-Condensate Door Perimeter Heaters
Thermostatic Expansion Valve Metering Device Provides Quick
              Refrigeration Recovery Times
Stainless Steel One-Piece Louver Assembly
9' Cord & Plug Attached
Set of Four (4) 6" High Casters With Locks
One Year Parts And Labor Warranty
Five Year Compressor Warranty
Width: 29 7/8"
Depth: 35"
Height (including casters): 83 1/4"
Capacity: 24.2 cu/ft

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