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Continental Manufacturing Co. 5323 Huskee Sweeper With Horsehai

Continental Manufacturing Co.
Model: CMC5323   Our Item#: 48024

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You can quickly clean your carpet area without the blaring noise of an electric vacuum with a power rotor carpet sweeper. This 5323 power floor sweeper cleans both hard floors and carpets. The self-cleaning flexible rubber blades beat the floor with high frequency, creating friction and momentum that cleanly transports dirt, food, lint and other debris into the dust compartments. The Durable plastic body resists scratches and dents and is easy on walls, doors and furniture. Buy this 5323 power sweeper made by Continental from The Kitchen Restaurant Store; we have the best prices in food service equipment and restaurant supplies in the industry!


  • Metal Handle
  • Handle grasp
  • Rubber blades
  • Transports dirt to the dust compartments
  • Durable
  • Plastic body
  • Resists scratches and dents


  • 9 1/2" wide
  • Pack Case: 1
  • Case Weight: 2.72
  • Case Cube: 0.50
  • Mod Pack: 240

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