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Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. F21315 Zip Lock Bag, 13" X 15" 2 Gal/2
Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. F21315 Zip Lock Bag, 13" X 15" 2 Gal/2

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Continental Manufacturing Co. 1187 Air Freshener, 7 Oz, Cinnamon

Continental Manufacturing Co.
Model: CMC1187   Our Item#: 36405

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Keep a pleasant spicy scent in the air with this dry aerosol air freshener made by Continental. First impression is everything and the nose knows if it's clean. The 1186 air freshener is a spicy cinnamon scented spray that adds pleasure to the senses. Spray this delicious spicy aroma in the air after each room is cleaned spotless. You are able to spray up to 3400 meters per freshener can. Use this beautiful scented deodorizer in any room, vehicle, office, bathroom, or hotel. Find the spicy 1186 cinnamon air freshener made by Continental at the Kitchen Restaurant Store and browse the best selection of quality food service equipment and restaurant supplies online today!


  • Seven Ounce
  • Aerosol
  • Dry type spray
  • Ideal for office, schools, healthcare, hotels, gyms, restrooms
  • Spray Head
  • Scent Cinnamon


  • 12 pack to a case
  • Case weight: 8.64 lbs
  • 7 oz.

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