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Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. F20708 Zip Lock Freezer Bag, 7" X 8" 1
Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. F20708 Zip Lock Freezer Bag, 7" X 8" 1

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Carlisle Food Service Products 36952424 Scraper Broom, 24", Hard

Carlisle Food Service Products
Model: CSL36952424   Our Item#: 48241

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You will love this effective durable scraper broom! Standard Restaurant's excellent selection of janitorial cleaning equipment includes this 36952424 industrial floor brush. This commercial floor broom has durable liquid and chemical resistant polypropylene bristles. This commercial broom has a 24 inch wide frame and comes with the handle, the handle connection, and the brace for a wide reach and years of performance! Use this broom both indoors and outdoors on smooth or hard surfaces. The metal scraper is designed for scraping caked-on debri. This awesome industrial


  • Wood Handle
  • Steel blade for scraping caked on debris
  • Polypropylene bristles
  • Liquid resistant
  • Includes handle connection, hand, and brace
  • Orange bristles


  • Block Size24.00in
  • Bristle Trim3.25in

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