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Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. F21012 Zip Lock Freezer Bag, 10" X 12"
Elkay Plastics Co., Inc. F21012 Zip Lock Freezer Bag, 10" X 12"

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Carlisle Food Service Products 3620721800 Flo-Pac Floor Sweep H

Carlisle Food Service Products
Model: CSL362072180   Our Item#: 55801

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This Carlisle 3620721800 Flo-Pac Floor Sweep, Heavy 18" foam block, Stiff Maroon Polypropylene Bristles, Without Handle. This Stiff polypropylene bristles hold up on sidewalks, parking lots, and other rough surfaces is not affected by water or petroleum products. Hardwood blocks, Natural fiber Palmyra bristles for sweeping heavy debris. Street sweeps are durable, tough, long-wearing; perfect for street crews, construction, and other demanding work sites. Will not absorb moisture; resistant to most chemicals, acids and oils. For economical, general scrubbing. Also use as hand held unit or attach to telescoping handle to reach corners and ceilings.


  • Stiff polypropylene bristles
  • Hardwood block
  • Without Handle
  • Holds up to tough surfaces
  • Chemically resistant


  • Carlisle

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