From Boring Salad Bowl To Beautiful Centerpiece

I received this amazing quality woven wooden salad bowl for my birthday this year and I still haven’t used it. I honestly had no idea when I would use it, since I don’t have a lot people over for lunch or dinner that often, and me just using it by myself seems odd. So I still haven’t used it once for a salad or anything involving food actually.

But, I have used it, for a decorative centerpiece on my dining table, (yes I have a dining table even though I don’t use it all that often) and it looks perfect on there. I placed this beautiful pull in the center of my rectangular table on a colored place mat and filled it up with decorative balls. Some of them are made from woven sticks and others are metal, all different colors and sizes.

It looks really good in my dining room; I don’t think I’ll ever use it as a salad bowl, it’s too pretty. But the best part is that it’s a neutral color, so I can change the decorations in it to whatever color I want, without it clashing, I can even move it from one room to the other. Even though I don’t use it for its original purpose, I think I’ve found a better use for it.

Stress Free On Thanksgiving

Today is finally Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to start preparing our dinner. Usually we have tons of family over for the dinner but this year we ended up only having our small family committing to showing up, which means there’s a lot less stuff to make, it’s going to be a very intimate dinner this year.

Since there won’t be as many people coming this year we won’t have to use our huge dishes; we can actually make everything and set it on the table, without it overflowing and getting in the way. Like with the stuffing, we usually have to make enough for over 20 people, but since there will only be about 5 this year, I could get away with making a box of stove top and serving it in my 4 quart glass mixing bowl, instead of making it all from scratch and serving it in a big pot like I usually have to do.

I’m actually excited to start preparing this dinner, it’ll be so simple and it won’t take all day like normal; I can actually relax for once on thanksgiving and not feel like my hair is going to fall out from all the stress.

On A Roll With Christmas Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve just realized I haven’t even started my shopping; usually I’m half way done once Thanksgiving hits but I guess I’ve been too busy that it hasn’t even crossed my mind until now. I already know what I plan on buying this year for everyone in my family luckily, now all I need to do is go out and get them.

Like for my mom she is a diehard sushi lover, she even makes it at home occasionally. So for her I thought it would be good idea to buy her one of these bamboo sushi plates I’ve been seeing all over these kitchen magazines. They look really nice and authentic, plus they work great for showcasing all of the sushi rolls my mom can make. In fact, I think I’m going to make a whole gift basket based on sushi; I’ll add some of the ingredients she needs and even get her a new sushi rolling mat, it’ll be the perfect gift for her along with this great bamboo plate.

Amazing Beef On Weck

I’ve been cooking for many years and I’ve learned many things on the way. One of the things I’ve learned is to try recipes you’ve never done before. Like when I first heard of Beef on Weck, I hand no idea what it was, but as I was watching the video I looked easy enough and I had to try it, and I am so happy I did. It is now one of my favorites, plus my friends’ favorite too.

In this video recipe, it shows how to make a dip for this sand which and I think that is my favorite part of this dish. Now when I serve it to my friends I always try to make it look as nice as possible with the placement of the food on the plate. So that’s when I pull out my ramekins, they’re perfect for holding the sauce, without making a mess all over the plate, plus they hold the perfect amount of sauce for each person. Another great thing about using these ramekins for this dish is how easy it is to actually dip your sandwich in it, and when you’re done, I just wash them in the dishwasher, so they’re ready to go for the next time I need to use them.

Out With The Old, In With The New Tumblers

In my house, we don’t use glasses all that much anymore; the ones we used to have are all pretty much gone from countless breaks and all around rough use. So I decided it was time to get rid on the only ones we did have and just go with these Newport plastic tumblers. They looked just as nice as my glassed did only they could handle the wear and tear of my family.

No more cleaning up shattered glass whenever one of my kids drops their cup or the glassed breaking in the sink while washing. With these I can put them in the dishwasher along with my other dishes, unlike my glasses I used to have.

Plus these tumblers can stack neatly in my cabinets, taking up less room with more cup, whereas with the glasses they couldn’t be stacked for fear of them getting stuck in each other or falling out and breaking if one of the younger kids tried getting a cup out themselves.

Great Magaritas In Very Little Time

This margarita madness blender is by far the best blander I’ve used for any of my mixed drinks. I mostly use this blender during parties, but when I do its great. This blander can whip up any type of drink you put in it without bogging down; it’ll go as fast as you when making these types of drinks. This blender is a high powered blender capable of crushing ice time after time. Its 48 oz. container is the perfect size for making big batches of margaritas in little to no time, plus the lid seals off very well so when the blender is on nothing will leak out the sides and drip down into the motor.

Throwing A Disney Princess Birthday Party

These plastic wine glasses are perfect for every type of party or gathering that wants to add a little bit of elegance to their parties. When I used them it was for my daughters 8th birthday party, she wanted a Disney princess themed party, so I thought these would be fitting. Since these 6 oz. wine glasses are made of plastic they were cheap enough for me to buy a bunch of them for her party.

I ended up buying enough for each girl to have two, one for their drinks and one for this pudding dessert I made them. Since they were so small, it made for the perfect way to serve this pudding, it made them look really nice when served and it was easy for them to carry around the room.

When the party was over I considered throwing them out, but decided against it, since they were still in good shape and I could use them again for another party. So I just popped them in the dishwasher and they came out clean and ready to go, with no damage from the dishwasher.

Amazing Quality Glass Boot Mugs

I bought myself a case of these glass boot shaped mugs a week ago and I’ve loved them ever since. A dozen of these mugs come in a case, which I think is the perfect amount for a set like this, there’s enough for everyone in a big gathering to have one. I love using these mugs for almost every drink I can think of, whether it’s something cold like beer or hot like hot chocolate.

One of my favorite things about these mugs is their shape, they’re shaped exactly like cowboy boots with so much detail in each one and they’re extremely fun to use. Plus they hold 16 oz. of liquid, so they’re the perfect size for a standard beer or soda, plus room for ice without the risk of overflowing it. These mugs are absolutely amazing and I love using them, especially at parties, everyone who uses them always has something great to say about them.

A Great Caramel Colored Fry Pan Server

I love using my fry pan server when guests come over for dinner; this caramel colored serving dish makes dinner time look really nice and easy. With this pan, you can cook your dishes right inside it, and then serve it directly from the microwave, without worrying about it breaking and making a huge mess. Not only is this pan microwave safe but it’s also dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is super easy; there’s no need for soaking in hot water or time wasted on scrubbing them clean.

This fry pan is very versatile when it comes to what came be served in it, you can go from a nice steak and potatoes to a pile of nachos cooked in the microwave, and then served to your guests as soon as it’s done. Plus since this is a good quality fry pan server, it’ll stay warm for a while throughout the meal, keeping the food warm the whole time.

The Perfect Amount Of Ice Cream Sundaes

I bought a couple of these white porcelain ice cream cups a while back and they’ve worked so well ever since. I don’t use them all that often, but when I do I’m always using them to make ice cream sundaes, piled high with a bunch of toppings.

Not only do these ice cream cups hold the perfect amount of ice cream, but they also look really cute, since they’re in the shape of a cone, it helps make these ice cream sundaes look really nice and almost professional; I could take pictures of these when they’re all made up and ready to eat. My whole family enjoys making their ice cream sundaes in these cups, but I think they enjoy eating it a lot more.